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Take a quick survey, win free books

Free homesteading booksIt's that time of year again when I purge my bookshelf of books I'm no longer reading so I can make room for new interests. Many of this year's texts come highly recommended --- I've just milked all of the knowledge I can from them and am ready to pass the carriers of information on.

Want free books of your very own? Head over here and take my four question survey about your reading habits and you'll be given a link to the rafflecopter form to enter the giveaway. I'm going to give away the books in groups of three or four to allow more people to win, so be sure to take a minute to decide which books you want the most now. Your options include:

As you'll be able to tell from my survey, I'm trying to decide whether to stick with Amazon's KDP Select program, which requires me to keep my books exclusive with them if I want readers to be able to borrow the titles for free using Kindle Unlimited. So consider this post a warning as well as an oportunity. If you were thinking of borrowing my books but haven't gotten around to it, you might want to do so now in case I start pulling them out of the program! Happy reading.

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I took the survey and couldn't get to the raffle :-(
Comment by Casey Mon Oct 5 09:41:18 2015
I completed the survey but there was no rafflecopter link...
Comment by Nicole Mon Oct 5 09:50:08 2015

Good morning! Took the survey but wasn't directed to another website? How do I enter? Thanks! Rys

Comment by Bunnyland Mon Oct 5 10:34:49 2015
I'm sorry everyone seems to be having trouble finding the rafflecopter link! It's in the introductory/welcome screen right before you begin the survey. Try clicking on the link again to find it, or if that fails, just email and I'll send it to you. Thanks for taking the survey!
Comment by anna Mon Oct 5 11:06:57 2015
Also, it sounds like you might not be able to do the rafflecopter link on a mobile device? I'm afraid I can't test that because I'm a luddite. But that's another option --- follow the link on a computer instead of a phone.
Comment by anna Mon Oct 5 11:09:04 2015
It looks like only about a third of you are managing to find the rafflecopter link. So here it is: That means I'm trusting you to take the survey before you enter the giveaway. I know you won't cheat. :-)
Comment by anna Mon Oct 5 12:47:42 2015

Not good for entering raffles.

Unlearn, Rewild Understanding Roots The Soul of Soil

Hope this makes sense as my edit to the raffle entry.

Comment by Milton Dixon Mon Oct 5 19:21:34 2015
I took the survey, couldn't get the link, followed your comment to get the link, but screwed up when I started to list the books by hitting the enter key too soon. :( Now I only have one book listed. The other two are: the Soul of Soil and Unlearn, Rewild. Thanks.
Comment by NaYan Tue Oct 6 23:05:18 2015

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