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Sensor Plug failure

Sensor plug evaluation

The good news is we haven't had any deer damage lately. The bad news is my motion activated deer deterrent has a fatal flaw.

I tried switching modes, adjusting the sensitivity, and checking the fuse. Nothing could get the Sensor Plug to work right.

The red light indicated movement, but whatever is plugged in to it stays on all the time.

My conclusion is we got a dud, or the product is just junk.

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It sounds to me that the detection part works, but the relay is not switching off. This could be a malfunction of the timer that is supposed to switch it off, or the relay.

Does this thing have any moving parts inside? If it uses an electromechanical relay to switch the mains power, it could just be stuck, which can probably be repaired.

If it is a solid-state relay, there is little you can do except find the broken part and replace it.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sat Jul 28 06:56:26 2012
Roland --- Thanks for breaking down the potential problems into such a simple set of options! I'll let Mark get back to you on specifics --- I have no clue what's going on inside the plug. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Jul 28 13:37:52 2012

If it uses relay contacts, perhaps a sharp blow to the side of the case will release the stuck contacts. I suspect it is a solid state device (cost less money to make) for which there is no easy repair.

The only true way to keep deer out of an area you don't want them in is a eight foot high fence with electric wire at the top and a ground wire below that to keep out racoons. This is a lot of work but it will keep animals out, and that is what I have been working on for most of the summer.

Comment by zimmy Sat Jul 28 16:34:59 2012
Zimmy --- Our moats have been astonishingly effective this year, for all they're only four feet tall and don't yet extend around the whole perimeter. But they're part of a larger strategy --- I wouldn't tell people to build such a shoddy fence if that was their only deterrent. :-)
Comment by anna Sun Jul 29 19:27:18 2012

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