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Hatchling box turtle

Looking at a baby turtleWeeding may be a boring job, but it has its perks.  While ripping up big weeds in the upper raspberry patch, Mark came across this tiny box turtle.  Ten minutes later, he found another!  I guess our berry patch has the box turtle seal of approval.

I have to admit that I'm a bad, bad farmer.  A good farmer would move the box turtles out of the area since they like to eat strawberries and tomatoes.  Instead, I carefully relocated the pair to the shade under the worm bin and gave them a strawberry apiece.  What can I say --- finding a hatchling box turtle has been my life-long dream.

Hatchling box turtle

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One of the best things about living out of town are the critters. It takes me back to when I was a kid and I ran my own version of an animal rescue. I rescued the wildlife even if it didn't necessarily need rescuing. Clams, lizards, snakes, bably birds, turles of every kind, oppossum, and a yound red tailed hawk that hadn't quite got his wings yet(I fed him a steak and watched him fly awy the next day.)

Now I see the lizards in the greenhouse, the bullfrogs that live in the driveway drainpipe, a water turtle I saved from the road and I realized just how beautiful and perfect they all are and how wonderfully fortunate I am to have the opportunity to visit with them...even the rather large copperhead snake that was crawling up the side of the barn the other day.

Comment by Aaron Sat Jun 5 06:32:50 2010
Wildlife really is one of the best perks of living in the country. Last night, Mark found a box turtle digging her nest in preparation to laying eggs!
Comment by anna Sat Jun 5 15:09:27 2010

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