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Garden cart worm bin

diy worm bin large

Since the do it yourself golf cart dump box is working out so well we've decided the Heavy Hauler garden cart can start its new carreer as a large outdoor worm bin.

It took less than an hour to scrounge around for the parts and put it all together.
The spigot was salvaged from a thrift store drink dispenser. (Thanks Mom)

I used a couple of 2x2's cut to 30.5 inches for the bottom support and modified a portion of the willow wall to function as the floor. A small gap at the bottom helps to prevent the spigot from clogging and worms from drowning in their own tea.

Being on heavy wheels makes it easy to manuever and tilt for the most effecient drainage

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Thanks, honey! I've filled up half of it already. Can I have another? :-)
Comment by anna Fri May 14 16:31:50 2010
I think the worms might get under the willow wall anyways and drown. I'm not sure what you can use, but I would think something with an air space smaller than a worm, but would allow drainage.
Comment by Anonymous Fri May 14 22:25:15 2010
I argued Mark's ear off about worms drowning --- that didn't make sense to me since worms are quite good at migrating up and down to stay out of waterlogged areas. But his other reasons for the willow bottom made a lot of sense. It should keep the worm castings from clogging up the drainage spout, and will allow the bottom of the bin to be aerated so that it won't go aerobic.
Comment by anna Sat May 15 08:10:56 2010

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