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Green plastic trellis material

Protected lettuce

I'm a big fan of this green plastic trellis material.

I use it every year with a few U-posts for supporting peas --- easy to erect and easy to dismantle.

Tree protectionI've used it in the past for temporary pastures for young chickens (although in recent years they've been a bit too flighty to contain that way).

I use it in the winter to protect strawberry plants at their most vulnerable from irregular but devastating deer attacks.

I use it in the spring to save seedlings when freshly planted ground looks extremely attractive to our naughty cats.

And I use it around young trees in chicken pastures. The trellis material isn't strong enough to keep out goats or deer, but chickens will leave anything within it alone.

I'd give you an Amazon link, but I can't seem to find the product online and figure shipping would be prohibitive anyway. But if you're in Lowes, why not pick up a roll? Even using my neglectful methods of piling the trellis pieces on the ground beside the barn when I'm not using them, I've seen no decline in quality of our stash over the last eight years.

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Ha! I just finished covering my raised beds with the stuff. Keeps the darn squirrels out. (But not before they managed to remove half of this summer's garlic. Sigh...)
Comment by Julie Fri Mar 18 07:57:06 2016

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