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First flood of 2013

Flooded creek

I've stopped reporting on all the little floods --- it barely impacts our lives nowadays when the creek hits the top of its banks.  But when the water starts flowing out of the creek and into the floodplain, the power of water is too inspiring to ignore.

Our movie-star neighbor wants to help us build a swinging bridge and Shannon got us started on a zip-line, but the honest truth is that I doubt either of those projects will ever come to fruition.  The reason?  I really like being flooded in.

Flooded garden

As a side note, the analytical side of me started wondering if there was a pattern to our floods.  I'm sure I'm missing a few that didn't make the blog, but here are the big ones I've recorded:

Isn't it interesting how the dates seem to cluster together?  The second week of January is flood time, and so is the first week of March.

Our chicken waterer keeps water where you want it --- in your chicken's mouth.

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10-15 years ago, a week of rain like this would have put the water at least five feet higher. The Sinks must be really clean these days.

From the floods I can remember over the last 30 years, almost all have occurred Feb-April. Last big Sinking Creek flood was March 02. Water was around 6' above the bridge rails.

Comment by Anonymous Thu Jan 17 10:41:05 2013

Even totally random data will still look clustered to us. This is called the clustering illusion.

Comment by Roland_Smith Thu Jan 17 14:02:52 2013
Roland --- I had a feeling something like that was going on, but cool to see the reason behind it!
Comment by anna Fri Jan 18 18:30:53 2013

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