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Winter flood video

Two and a half inches of rain following a week of frozen ground means flood!

I'm working on my video skills, so hopefully this one will be more entertaining than my previous flood video.

If you hate videos (Mom), here's a photo of a snail I caught climbing a wingstem stalk to escape from the rising waters.  Also, feel free to check out our newest feature --- a link to the week's top three most visited articles at the bottom of the sidebar.  If you go read all three, it's almost like being popular!

Snail fleeing the flood
Sure is fun to be flooded in when you work from home.  Check out our ebook to learn how.

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Flood video
Love the video! Thanks for sharing :)
Comment by Stacy Thu Dec 10 10:36:33 2009
comment 2
I'm glad it hit the spot! As you can tell, I'm new to videos. But I'm learning... :-)
Comment by anna Thu Dec 10 16:20:31 2009
comment 3


I love the music. Is that group friends of yours? We got ours from a royaltee free website. We paid I think $10 for rights to use it as much as we want on our videos. I figure that's a good investment, but good, free music from friends is even better. :-)

Maybe if you get a good rain in the summer you can break out some inner-tubes and have a lazy day rollin' down the creek in them.

Comment by Everett Mon Dec 14 16:27:39 2009
comment 4
Everett, I need to do something like your royalty-free music! I didn't actually get permission --- just figured since they were a relatively small, local group, they might not mind the exposure. I should probably cross that bridge...
Comment by anna Mon Dec 14 18:01:02 2009

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