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Alternative creek crossing

box elder tree across creek flowing hard

The storm that took down our big pine tree still has us flooded in.

I recently discovered this semi-convenient tree crossing, which is in a smaller creek that connects to our creek about a half mile down.

It's a handy detour that may or may not be there after the next visit from a storm.

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Looks like where I crossed a few years ago when it was flooded in.

It was harrowing to me, with a laptop..

Comment by joey Tue Mar 1 17:29:32 2011
On our way home from town Monday, I went across on my hands and knees --- it was a lot trickier than the other log we used to have. But Mark somehow navigated it today with a couple of big bags of chicken waterers! I was highly impressed.
Comment by anna Tue Mar 1 17:51:41 2011
My Grandpa was recently telling me about a small spring feed stream that was unpredictable. They could have a 1 inch ran and the stream would just trickle or no rain for 2 weeks and it would be 2 feet deep. He and his brother had to cross this creek to get to school or detour around the spring. So they made stilts, so they could cross during high water without getting their "trousers" or shoes wet. So maybe you just need some stilts and good balance.
Comment by Erich Tue Mar 1 21:51:39 2011
That's an outside the box solution I haven't heard yet! Great anecdote.
Comment by anna Wed Mar 2 11:37:57 2011

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