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Experimental oil lamp

Homemade oil lamp

Oil lamp experimentationThe best thing about Unlearn, Rewild is that it's bound to inspire you to try something right away.  I finished the book after dark, which left my experimentation options relatively narrow, but I did have cattails in the greywater wetland right outside our back door.  So I decided to try out Olson's technique of using cattail fluff in oil to create a lamp.  As you can tell, it didn't work too well --- the matches seemed to be better wicks than the cattail fluff --- but it was fun to try.

Maybe next I'll talk Mark into experimenting with some of Olson's toilet-paper alternatives --- snow, moss, the inner bark of cedar trees, a stick, or grass.  Naw, probably better to trap a squirrel in the interest of marital harmony.

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You can use the cattail flower before the fluff breaks open as a Tiki Torch if you soak the flower in Tallow (Beef Fat) or maybe even Deer Fat if it burns......that's a good question, and one I'd like to know the answer too.


Comment by Edith Fri Dec 27 14:34:41 2013
You can use a squirrel as a toilet paper alternative? My mind boggles!
Comment by Darren (Green Change) Tue Jan 21 00:01:36 2014

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