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Dry Spring

anna with sprinklers

We started up our creek irrigation system today to give our Spring garden a boost.

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I'm about to fix my irrigation system as well. I have a creek running about 3 feet from the garden but it's also about 3 feet down as well. I tried using a ram pump but discovered that if you don't have a minimum of 3 feet head, it doesn't work. I finally had a conversation with a water pump supply engineer who suggested using a bilge pump hooked up to a solar panel to move the water about 9 feet up and then over to the garden where I have PVC pipes across the beds that then gravity feed the water from the creek into the beds. I've been doing this for about 12 years now and it works like a charm. Every few years, however, because there is so much sediment in the creek, the pump croaks and I have to replace it. The pump, however, only costs about $25. The 30 watt solar panel I bought in 2002 (? or thereabouts) for $130 and hasn't given up yet! In this case, Kudos for technology! :)
Comment by NaYan Wed Mar 23 22:28:20 2016

I followed the link to the previous post on the creek pump. The concern of getting 220v to creek brought this possible solution to mind.


Comment by CJ Thu Mar 24 09:46:05 2016

NaYan That sounds like an interesting set up that has proven itself. Can you share any photos of it with us?

CJ Thanks for the link. I have not heard of that type of pumping.

Comment by mark Fri Mar 25 16:08:09 2016

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