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Curled toes splint check up

chicken with curled toe update

Our curled toe chicken seems to walk and scratch just as well as the rest of her flock.

She seems a little smaller than some of the other hens, but we think that would be more connected to her early struggle as a chick.

It's tough not to start calling her "Curly". I've done it a few times and caught myself. Knowing a bird by her first name seems a little too close to the "friend zone" for my comfort level and it would no doubt complicate things on retirement day.

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My favorite thing about the tales I hear from farmers and homesteaders is the humanity they have towards chickens like Anonymous/Curly. One of my friends has a chicken that has had several eggs break inside of her. My friend goes through the agony of reaching inside the hen to act as amateur vet and avoid the chicken's untimely death.
Comment by Maggie Sat Oct 15 16:16:10 2011
I'm not sure I'd actually baby an egg-bound hen like that. Unfortunately, once a chicken becomes egg-bound, she's likely to keep repeating the problem for the rest of her life. Luckily, I've never had to deal with that choice --- I try to keep our chickens lean, which makes them far less likely to have trouble.
Comment by anna Sat Oct 15 20:28:45 2011

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