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Bucket hauler stress points

showing the stress point on the new modified Haul Master lawn trailer also known as the Bucket Hauler

The new modified Haul Master lawn trailer I've been calling the Bucket Hauler is holding up nicely to some serious muddy conditions.

One of the corners started busting loose, but I think the above bracket will hold it in place.

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Wouldn't your bracket work better if applied to the outside of the trailer?
Comment by tee Sat Jul 20 17:07:43 2013

Mark, you should drill pilot holes before putting the screws in. First, this will help keep the screws in the middle of the plank, and second it will lessen the tendency of the wood to split.

As you can see here, end grain screws make a relatively weak joint. Even a relatively simple to make dowel joint (with wood glue) would be a lot stronger. A tightly fitting box joint would probably be even better.

@tee: A bracket on the outside is indeed stronger. An inside bracket like this could deform and eventually pull the screws out of the wood. But on the inside you can get away with using a smaller bracket.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Jul 21 05:59:12 2013

Everyone else beat me to it. I would drop a 2x2 offcut into the corner and screw it tight with some woodscrews. Since your buckets are round, there shouldn't be interference(and you don't have to go to town to get another bracket if you don't have the larger size.)

Comment by Eric in Japan Sun Jul 21 07:44:18 2013

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