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Handrail failure up close.

Our furring strip handrail only lasted 4.5 years before breaking yesterday.

Posted Fri Sep 30 15:08:07 2016 Tags:

The world changes on a dime at this time of year. Monday, it was so hot and dry that I turned on the sprinklers. Thursday, I wore a fleece all day long, slipping out between raindrops to tempt the goats with fallen leaves.

Usually I fight fall, eking out every ounce of summer I can muster from the garden. This year, I've been forcing myself to rest for weeks on end and am content to watch the seasons change as they will. I'm left to wonder --- will I be able to remember when I'm back at full strength that human trials and joys are just as fleeting as mountain weather?

Posted Fri Sep 30 07:05:57 2016 Tags:
Kale with barn in background.

Chickens in the garden did some damage to our kale, but 98% of it bounced back.

Posted Thu Sep 29 15:47:22 2016 Tags:

We've had a great crop of both spring and fall broccoli this year, and a lot of each has ended up in the freezer. In fact, there have been so many heads, I've let a few get away from me --- the one on the left in the photo above really should have been picked three days ago. Good thing we have crucifer-loving goats who are glad to chew up any florets that are no longer perfect enough for human consumption.

Posted Thu Sep 29 07:17:25 2016 Tags:
Cat jewelery with medallion.

An upcoming film project requires a gold chain with a medallion.

The chain was 3 dollars and a small hole drilled in a gold button made for an acceptable medallion as long as the button face is facing forward.

Posted Wed Sep 28 13:39:12 2016 Tags:
Seedling and eggs

The barred owls have been calling and the ruffed grouse have been pounding for the last week. Both are confused by the equal-length days and nights, triggered into spring behaviors for a limited time.

I haven't been tricked by the equinox, but I still find myself thinking of spring around the homestead lately. It's long-sleeved shirt weather in the morning when I gather copious pullet eggs, and I'm even setting out seedlings into the garden. Only in this case, the seedlings are filling in gaps in the winter-greens row, ensuring we have enough Swiss chard and parsley to make it through the long winter ahead.

Posted Wed Sep 28 07:21:40 2016 Tags:
Ripening fig

Despite being nearly killed back to the ground again last winter, this has been an excellent year for figs. Hot and dry seems to hit the spot for this ancient fruit.

On that note, did you know that figs might be one of the first plants domesticated by man? Archaeologists have found sterile figs dating as far back as 9000 BC, up to a thousand years before the first known cultivation of wheat and rye. Something to think about when you sink your teeth into the next sweet morsel....

Posted Tue Sep 27 07:28:28 2016 Tags:
Using a cinder block to shore up porch steps.

These cinder blocks will now absorb the bulk of the weight for our front porch steps.

Posted Mon Sep 26 15:27:19 2016 Tags:
Goats sharing food

So far, Aurora is thrilled at my decision to dry Artemesia off. I started the attempt nearly a week ago, but I'm pretty sure our doe is still making just as much milk...only her daughter's getting to drink it all instead of sharing with us humans. Hmmm.... Maybe I need to rethink my dry-down plan.

Posted Mon Sep 26 07:31:59 2016 Tags:
Butterfly resting on a flower.
A butterfly resting after a long Sunday of foraging.
Posted Sun Sep 25 15:18:23 2016 Tags:

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