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ill gotten cardboard

stove box in back of truck

The county started posting a guard at each dump site to prevent people from taking valuable garbage and scrap metal.

I was dropping off some trash the other day when I noticed this stove box sitting on the ground next to a dumpster.

The guard was distracted doing something in their little shack which made me think I could take the cardboard and run if I acted quick enough. I made a clean getaway. No sirens or admonishing statement from the guard. The box will live on as a layer of kill mulch for the garden.

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Our local drop off site has a "attendant" to make sure you are a resident of the county...and no "scavenging" is allowed. You would not believe how much decent firewood size stuff is dumped in that area, I grab chunks when they are not looking. Plus the "attendant" seems to scavenge an awful lot of aluminum scrap for themselves!
Comment by Eric Rylander Wed Jul 16 19:25:34 2014

This is pure evil, and it is the outcome of the comment on Anna's book review that I just made.

We have annual City wide clean up here in the Mid-West. The City puts out those large dumpsters. I and others would love to salvage what others don't need anymore. This is discouraged because everything must be thrown into the dumpster and a Mennonite volunteer comes with his front loader and smashes down the contents. This is outrageous. This from the Community developers who claim to care about people?'s evil. They do not allow people to care for other people, or for people to be able to care for themselves......they want people dependent upon the State.


Comment by Edith Thu Jul 17 14:29:06 2014

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime