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Wonder wood

Loading big logs

Mark and I don't give birthday and holiday gifts to each other, but if we did, this is what I'd want --- huge, punky oak logs well-inoculated with woodland fungi.  I'm going to consider this truckload a pre-Thanksgiving present --- thanks, honey!

Punky wood delivery
The wood was extra --- our third trip after hauling in a truckload of straw and another truckload of bathtub.  By the time we filled the truck with logs, the floodplain was just starting to thaw, but Mark barreled through and dropped off log after log right where I needed them in the forest garden.  These will feed the soil and raise the earth level around our three most waterlogged trees --- two American plums and an apple.

If we get lucky enough to haul in the other two truckloads of wonder wood still waiting at the parking area, I'll give some to our oldest Celeste, who is in a wetter part of the gully than the neighboring Chicago Hardy fig and thus hasn't done as well.  After that, I'm not sure where the wood will go --- maybe in the newly-reclaimed parts of the gully for awesome planting spots next year?

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Judging by the forecast I'd bet all that wood will be where you want it by the weekend.
Comment by Brian Tue Nov 26 13:00:13 2013

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