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Tomato Giveaway2

TomatoIt's snowy and cold now as the flood waters begin to recede.  Time to perk us all up with a giveaway!  Daddy has made a cutting of his Red Cherry Flavorita F1 tomato, a hybrid variety very well suited for indoors life.  By the time our giveaway ends Saturday night, it should have some roots and be ready to be poked into a pot in its new home.

Growing tomatoes indoors in the winter is the holy grail for a lot of folks.  It's hard to leave behind the sweet, juiciness of real tomatoes when the summer sun fades.  But it's equally hard to keep winter tomatoes going since they require lots of sun.  This variety is much hardier, able to thrive under a growlight on a windowsill.  But be aware that like any tomato it will not set fruit if your temperatures fall below 50 F!  (That's probably not a problem for those of you who don't heat with wood. :-)

Anyhow, I'd love to hear from you all and perk me up on this cold winter's day!  Check out our giveaway guidelines and enter.  Thanks, Daddy, for taking a cutting for our winner!

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comment 1
I have to admit, good as these are, they don't taste nearly as wonderful as they did growing in real soil last summer. I'm experimenting now with how to give them more flavor, through adding stuff to my Water Wicked(tm) system which keeps them watered. Before I had it, I had to water them every day, they were so big and thirsty.
Comment by Daddy Thu Jan 8 08:08:25 2009
comment 2
I've started feeding my tomato the compost tea which comes out of my worm bin, and it's looking a lot perkier. We ate another couple of tomatoes day before yesterday and it might have been our imaginations but they tasted better than the first set! Also, a lot more fruits are suddenly ripening up.
Comment by anna Thu Jan 8 10:15:13 2009
I'm thinking, with any luck, we can clone this tomato plant forever.
Comment by Daddy Thu Jan 8 10:24:33 2009
comment 4
I agree! I figure if we both keep it going, at least one of us is bound to have a happy plant at any given time! :-)
Comment by anna Thu Jan 8 15:04:04 2009

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