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Time lapse garden winterization

Pulling out dead tomatoes

I set the camera up in time-lapse mode while I started putting the garden to bed. And in the process, I came to two conclusions....

Conclusion one: sowing an oat cover crop beneath ailing summer crops in mid August sure makes this task more inspiring. I'm not just pulling out the dead, I'm making way for homegrown organic matter in the spring!

Garden winterization

Conclusion two: Mark was right. I managed to pull out one tomato stake, but the others are so deeply embedded in the clay subsoil that they might as well have been set in concrete. Are we really going to have to buy a post puller for five measly stakes?

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  1. Cut 20 ft. half inch rebar into stake lengths. Use vice grips to twist back and forth till loose. This is much cheaper than normal stakes.

  2. With standard stakes, use a 2x4 fastened with rope, wire or chain to the stake.

Comment by Errol Hess Sat Nov 3 07:04:09 2018
Wait for early spring to pull the tomato stakes. A succession of freeze/thaw makes the ground so friable here in NE ohio that I can push a rod down 2' just about anywhere by Mar/Apr.
Comment by Anonymous Sat Nov 3 08:02:20 2018
Check You Tube 'Cheap Home Made Post Puller' by Erickkony from Canada. You may already have materials on hand to put together a simple lever.
Comment by PNW Jenny Sun Nov 4 01:35:23 2018
I used a 5.5' pry bar to pull up the stakes. It's more multi-functional.
Comment by Christopher Milton Dixon Sun Nov 4 05:49:31 2018
I avoided buying a tpost puller for years but once I did I have never regretted it. Remember we only get one back working smarter not harder.
Comment by Olan Lambert Sun Nov 4 20:31:41 2018

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