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Summer frustration

deer damage

We suffered our 2nd deer attack last night since last week's power outage.

I'm thinking this time of year calls for additional measures like moving the deterrent location a couple times per week and making the sound louder.

We talked about dumping some soapy water near the entrance area, but we both know that will only last so long.

I think this level of damage allows us to hunt the offending deer in question out of season and a venison sandwich sounds like a yummy solution to me.

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I know this works for keeping critters out of a crawl space and attic, so perhaps you could modify it for outside for deer. For a home you just put moth balls in a nylon stocking and put them in the critter area and the critter flees. Then remove the moth balls and resume your life. You don't want the moth balls to touch the garden but perhaps a small amount in a waterproof container. Deer are sensitive to smells and will avoid the area. I realise moth balls are toxic so you might have to modify the idea to suit your needs.
Comment by Lisa Thu Jul 21 01:33:18 2011
Taste and scent seem to work in low deer pressure areas, but I've tried about half a dozen of the home remedies like this, and our deer laugh at them. Nasty smelling soap, cheap perfume, urine --- they walk right on by. I think that taste and scent will only keep deer away if they don't really want to come in your garden in the first place.
Comment by anna Thu Jul 21 07:11:13 2011

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