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Strawberry week

Strawberry breakfastSometimes, I like to ponder how I would make different decisions if I was truly forced to be self-sufficient.  My scenarios range from the fantastical --- we fall back through a time portal and are hacking our living out of the wilderness --- to the prosaic --- we simply can't afford storebought goodies.

Strawberry week is one indulgence that would definitely go if I had to be truly self-sufficient.  Since strawberries are my favorite fruit, I spend the first week of full harvest gorging to my heart's content.  We have strawberries breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and for dessert, of course), and I don't worry one bit about preserving a berry for later.

Lunch and dinner

If I was counting on our own stores of fruit to get us through the winter, though, strawberry week would go.  Especially in a year like this one where an early bloom combined with a late frost wiped out the first berries, shortening our usual month of strawberries to more like two or three weeks.  Even with unlimited fruit at the grocery store, I wouldn't treat myself to so many berries now if I didn't have the option of storebought winesap apples from the fruit stand to get me through the winter.

Strawberry leatherAs it is, we've only filled the food dehydrator with the fixings for strawberry leather once so far, and I suspect we may fit in one more batch before the berries start to dwindle.  Homegrown strawberry leather really perks us up in February and March when there's nearly nothing fresh coming in from the garden.  But not so much that I want to eliminate strawberry week....

Our chicken waterer keeps the flock healthy with POOP-free water.

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I had to laugh when I saw the pictures of your recent meals - they look so much like our meals this past week (although most of our's aren't homegrown this year, sadly). Once the strawberries come in, it's just impossible for me not to gorge myself, at least for a few days, but I thought I was the only one. When this time comes next year, I'll know exactly what to call it, heh!
Comment by Ikwig Thu May 24 22:17:24 2012
Ikwig --- Yep, now you can give yourself a guilt-free strawberry week. "I'm not being gluttonous. Just enjoying strawberry week."
Comment by anna Fri May 25 07:04:45 2012

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