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Squelching between my toes

Nite Guard predator eyesAfter 4.3 inches of rain in eight days, I have to admit that I'm considering asking the rain gods to hold off for a day or two.  I wore tevas for my farm chores this morning --- no reason to soak my boots when mud will end up squelching between my toes anyway.  The yard is full of standing water, the creek is still far too high to drive out and bring in our clean laundry and linux laptop.

Instead, I installed the
Nite Guard Predator Eyes Daddy sent me for my birthday --- thank you, Daddy!  Despite the abysmal review on Amazon, Daddy swears by these solar-powered, blinking LEDs.  He tells me they keep away the deer, and at this point I'm ready to try anything.  Once I bring the laptop in from the car, I'll try to remember to post an image of my installation setup --- I decided to go a lot simpler than Daddy's tripod design, instead just putting screws at several locations around the yard and hanging the predator eyes from a wire.

In other news, today is my thirtieth birthday!  Joey gave me another stunning birthday present --- he fixed the comments system on our blog!  Check it out and leave me a comment --- I look forward to hearing a lot more from you all now that it's easier.

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Well, there was only one review on Amazon, and that review said it didn't work with beavers! Of all things. They sure work with deer.
Comment by Anonymous Thu Dec 18 12:00:15 2008
night owl lights
they do work but only when they are pointed at the varmints.i tryed them to keep the owls at bay but they did not work well it would have taken at least 6 to cover my chicken yard. now i was talking to a old farmer and he had the same problem and he told me to use a strobe light. so went out a bought a strobe light it covers MUCH more of the yard and i have not lost another chicken since. on the down side it did cost me around 8-10 more dollars on my power bill per month.
Comment by john wilson/cemetary gates game fowl farm Thu Dec 18 12:29:33 2008
comment 3
Yeah, the beaver review didn't scare me too much --- no beavers have tried to eat my garden. :-) I'm glad to hear that at least someone other than my father has had such good luck with the units!
Comment by anna Thu Dec 18 18:33:56 2008

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