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Spring soup

Shriveled carrots

Egyptian onionsWe're nearly at the end of last fall's carrots.  I thought there were so many, but we've been enjoying eating them with hummus this winter, as well as in the usual cooked dishes.  Good thing spring carrots are already in the ground to replace them.

I saved back the carrots that still look plump for raw eating, but decided all the less-then-perfect carrots at the bottom of the crisper drawer needed to go into a soup.  We bought another pastured lamb recently and asked the butcher not to discard the bones, so we had just what we needed to make high Spring soupquality broth.  That rich liquid, plus the meat picked off the bones, a heaping handful of shriveled carrots, several fresh Egyptian onions, and a bit of thyme blended into a delicious spring soup.

If you're interested in my theory behind in-season soup-making, check out this post, or the longer version in Weekend Homesteader: July.  Soup is one of the easiest things to cook without a recipe!

Our chicken waterer makes it easy to leave town for the weekend without worrying about your flock.

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We're in the process of using up the last of our stored carrots here as well. Although we store ours in a tote of damp sand inside a closet (two of the four walls of the closet are outer walls- so it gets quite cold in there but not freezing.) My three year old gets the biggest kick out of digging in the sand to get a carrot:) I'm thinking a nice pot of soup is in order here too!
Comment by MamaHomesteader Tue Apr 3 09:57:23 2012

MamaHomesteader --- One of these days, we're going to build a root cellar (or something similar). But, for now, our crisper drawer works great. After all, the smallest energy efficient fridge we could find is way too big for us, and it's better to fill that empty space with carrots than jugs of water!

I hope your soup turns out well.

Comment by anna Tue Apr 3 16:55:57 2012

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