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Solar powered golf cart tax credit

solar power golf cart creditThese new peel and stick solar panels are more efficient than the fragile glass panels and cost about 300 bucks less. This new design allows for more robust applications, such as on the roof of a golf cart without the fear of your expensive panel breaking. Having the sun constantly charging your batteries prevents the sulfates from building up and extends the life of the battery bank by a minimum of 25%.

Since a golf cart is sometimes considered an electric car by the IRS you can deduct a nice 30% of your solar investment and you may even qualify for a few hundred bucks per year as a battery credit. These kits usually cost about 1600 dollars, weigh about 4 pounds and take about 15 minutes to install.

Add an inverter and it can double as an emergency back up power system for your home if you can manage to park it close enough to reach an extension cord to.

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Frugal Dougal's Golf Cart Accessories offers solar roof panels for golf carts in a very powerful 205 watts and and universal 100 watts. These are photovoltaic cells, and they are not fragile at all. They are made to withstand hurricane force winds. The 100 watt Universal solar roof panel is mounted on the top of any existing golf cart roof. It is twice as powerful as the flexible top depicted here and is offered at $1,195 which is $400 less than the flexible top. 30% of this purchase price may be used as a Federal solar tax credit. Also, if you buy a new battery bank at the same time, it is considered part of the solar system and also qualifies for the Federal tax credit. In some states, such as Florida, this solar system is exempt from sales tax. For complete technical specifications, please see our web site at
Comment by Linda Sun Jan 31 10:04:13 2010
Nice hint about buying a new battery bank at the same time --- that could really make the solar panel feasible if your current battery bank was on its last legs!
Comment by anna Sun Jan 31 11:01:58 2010

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime