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Rooting the Brown Turkey figs

Propagating figs

Rooting figsAfter quite a bit of experimentation, last year I settled on a very simple (but effective) method of propagating figs.  I take hardwood cuttings and sink them about eight inches into damp stump dirt in a pot, put the pot on a heating pad, and ignore it for a few weeks until I need the heating pad for something else.  I water occasionally during those heating-pad weeks and during the subsequent weeks, keeping the soil at the moisture level appropriate for seed-starting (or just a hair drier), and put the pots in a sunny spot once the leaves begin to push out of the buds.  By the end of the summer, the cuttings are extraordinarily well rooted and are ready to go into the ground.

Future figI treated the Brown Turkey cuttings from Daddy to last year's methodology, and also potted up the rooted shoot we teased away from the base of his mature fig bush.  The latter will go into the ground soon after our frost-free date, and I'm thinking of putting it on the west side of our wood-stove alcove so the fig will enjoy lots of winter sun and heat while helping shield the trailer from summer sun.  I'll probably keep one of the rooted cuttings as well and then will give the rest away to blog readers or local friends, so stay tuned for future giveaways.

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Hi, Anna. Just curious what time of year did you take the brown turkey fig cuttings?
Comment by Susan Tue Mar 4 13:07:48 2014
Susan --- I took these cuttings last weekend. This is a great time of year to take fig cuttings, if you don't have to dismantle winter protection to get to them. On our own fig trees, though, I'd wait until a bit later in the spring since they're all wrapped up at the moment.
Comment by anna Tue Mar 4 16:08:16 2014

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