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Recuperating goat


I find it easiest to assess Artemesia's return to health by taking her out and watching her graze. Three days ago, she was so weak that it took a major effort to cut off leaves of wheat, oats, or grass. She ended up gumming most of them instead of eating them and soon gave up.

Now she's able to eat overwintered oats...even though still considerably more slowly than her daughter's gorging approach to grazing. She didn't fall asleep in the middle of dining on gathered honeysuckle either, which is also a good sign.

Grazing goats

Two days ago, Artemesia almost couldn't make it back up the small hill to her pasture after grazing in the yard. Only after I let her nap for a couple minutes at the midpoint did she finish the trek. This time, she still got tired near the end but soldiered on through...planning for an afternoon nap in the dry comfort of her barn.

All told, our poor, sick doe is looking considerably better. You can tell from her coat that she finally has enough energy for a little self-grooming. She's able to eat on her own when I gather garlands of honeysuckle for in-barn consumption. And she's even wiggling away from the needle during her daily shots (which the vet has recommended extending for another week to ease her back into full health). I'll continue to temper my optimism with caution until Artemsia is a dancing picture of goat vitality again, but I'm much relieved to see my beloved doe back on her feet and back in her life again.

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I'm relieved that her behavior is returning to normal. Hope she continues in the right direction. Happy thoughts going your way!
Comment by Jennifer Thu Feb 9 09:45:56 2017
Glad to see Artie getting better. It would be really strange to visit your blog, and not see her.
Comment by Chris Thu Feb 9 18:51:14 2017
So glad to hear things are finally on the upswing with her. She most likely didn't keep the pregnancy but has the vet been able to ascertain that for sure?
Comment by Another Julie Thu Feb 9 19:10:53 2017

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