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Ratchet strap protection

ziploc ratchet strap

Our old ratchet straps are 5 years old and rusty.

My new method is to store the new one in a ziploc bag to protect it from the elements.

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The metal bits on these ratchet straps are several millimeters thick. It will probably take years for them to rust through enough to be dangerous.

At a guess, it would take much less time for sunlight (the UV component in particular) to break down the woven plastic straps themselves! Basically all plastics are vulnerable to UV. That is why stabilizing additives are added during their manufacture. But they get used up in the process of protecting the plastic.


  • Always dry the straps before storing them. Water promotes rusting.
  • Store the straps out of direct sunlight when not in use. A metal tin is probably best, but an opaque plastic box will also serve.

A translucent zip-lock bag is probably not enough protection against UV. And it could trap moisture inside.

Before using an old strap, bend it a couple of times. If the outer strands part or pieces flake off, discard it.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Sep 14 17:48:54 2014

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