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Rabbit trapping?

using a live trap with close up of possum

We've been curious about meat rabbits lately and I've been seeing several run around doing their thing and thought maybe we could get lucky and trap one.

Anna did some research and we decided to go with a live trap that stays open at both ends. Rumor has it that rabbits will be more likely to go into a trap if they can see out the other end.

No rabbits yet, but we caught a possum today. The poor little guy was spooked pretty bad, so we tied Lucy up for a brief moment and walked him out to the woods and set him free.

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I see to remember having a pet rabbit when i was young.

one day I was told it ran away.

That night we ate dinner and something that tasted quite a bit but not quite like chicken was on my plate.

tasty critter...

Comment by Dirk Fri Aug 24 18:48:01 2012
What bait are you using for rabbits that attracted that grinner?
Comment by Heath Fri Aug 24 18:49:58 2012

Dirk --- Oh dear. Sounds like when my sister was obsessed with the movie Bambi and our cousins fed her a burger...which turned out to be venison instead of beef. "You just ate Bambi!" they hollered in glee. It's experiences like that which turn you vegetarian....

Heath --- We tried apple cores for a while, and did have one near miss. (I saw a bit of rabbit fur caught in the trap, so I think it was a rabbit that time.) This time, I rebaited with a couple of carrot tops and a cabbage heart. I'm clearly going to have to do some more bait research to figure out what will attract just rabbits!

Comment by anna Fri Aug 24 19:38:30 2012

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