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RIP Artemesia

June 2014 - February 20, 2017

We loved you, Artemesia. You were far more than a goat and I feel lucky to have enjoyed even such a short time as part of your herd.

May the honeysuckle be copious and the pastures green on your side of the fence. We'll never forget you.

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I'm heartbroken. I loved hearing about your goats, especially Artemesia and I'm sooo sorry that you lost her. I think she was more like a pet than anything else. ::tears:: :(
Comment by Nayan Mon Feb 20 15:11:15 2017
Anna and Mark; I am so sorry for your loss. I've grown attached to your animals from reading your blog. I believe that any living thing that enhances our lives lives in us forever. Even though her time was too short by our standards I think she had a wonderful life until she got sick. Now I'm sending healing energy and kind thoughts to you. Please take care. Ellen
Comment by Ellen Mon Feb 20 15:27:33 2017
So sorry for your loss.
Comment by Maggie Turner Mon Feb 20 15:44:00 2017
I'm very sorry for your loss. Thank you for continuing to share even through the tough times.
Comment by Brian Mon Feb 20 15:44:36 2017
I'm so very sorry that your beloved Artemesia is gone. She was a sweetheart and I know you'll miss her terribly.
Comment by Rhonda from Baddeck Mon Feb 20 15:51:45 2017
So sorry for the heartbreak of your loss. She sounded like such a sweet goat. I hope Aurora is doing ok, and that perhaps you did find a friend for her, or will soon. Thank you for sharing, as Brian said already, through your loss. What you offer is a privilege for your readers and I'm full of thanks to live vicariously through you both.
Comment by jennifer Mon Feb 20 16:13:14 2017

So sorry for the loss of your beloved Artemesia. There was research completed not long ago that concluded that goats are more intelligent than dogs and bond more closely with humans. Sounds like you & Artemesia have demonstrated they were correct. Take care of yourself & continue your own healing.


Comment by Mary Mon Feb 20 18:26:03 2017
I am so, so sorry to hear about the loss of Artemeisa. She was a lovely goat whom you were obviously very close to. I lost my wether last month and I know how painful it can be. Take comfort in knowing that you did your very best for her and she knew she was loved.
Comment by Another Julie Mon Feb 20 19:04:28 2017
You had friends you never met.
Comment by Michael Mon Feb 20 19:25:08 2017
Sorry to hear about Artemesia I didn't know when I posted earlier. Sorry it came at the wrong time.
Comment by Teresa Mon Feb 20 19:27:25 2017
That sucks! Im super sorry for your loss. :( do you know what took her? god bless sunshine.
Comment by Mick Mon Feb 20 20:05:22 2017
Sorry to hear about your loss. Your love for her was always so visible in your posts about her.
Comment by Eric in Japan Mon Feb 20 20:34:19 2017

I am so sorry and heartbroken for you :( I have lost a goat before and know exactly how awful it is.

Comment by SEHQ Mon Feb 20 20:51:39 2017
I'm so sorry Artemesia didn't pull through. My thoughts are with you and Mark as you mourn her. hugs
Comment by Rae Mon Feb 20 22:12:03 2017
I am so very sorry. I know you fought long and hard for her, and did all you knew to do. (((hugs)))
Comment by Michelle Mon Feb 20 22:37:46 2017
What a sad loss! How heavy your hearts must be. Rest and play in beautiful goatie heaven, Artemesia!
Comment by Jill Mon Feb 20 23:56:16 2017
I am so sorry for your loss.
Comment by Elizabeth Tue Feb 21 00:29:30 2017
Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss. How sad you must all be feeling. Losing an animal friend is hard on the heart. My condolences to all of you, including Aurora.
Comment by Cordy Tue Feb 21 00:53:29 2017
I'm sending lots of love and sympathy to both the humans and all the animals as I'm sure you all will miss her.
Comment by Swati Tue Feb 21 04:15:32 2017
And we so loved hearing about her - she was a special gift for sure!
Comment by Jayne Tue Feb 21 09:07:55 2017
Condolences on your loss. Was hoping and praying she would recover fully.
Comment by Anonymous Tue Feb 21 10:15:45 2017

So sad to read this. I have been praying for a better outcome. I have been in your shoes and was feeling your struggles with every update. Sometimes we can do everything right and things still go sideways.

Glad to see you have a new addition even if he wasn’t what you expected. Look at him as a companion aka pet. Goats are social animals and three wouldn’t be a bad number if and when you get another doe.

Comment by Ned Tue Feb 21 11:02:23 2017
So sorry, this part of homesteading is never easy. :(
Comment by Nita Tue Feb 21 13:09:57 2017
I'm so sorry Anna. We lost our herd of 4 to loose dogs around Christmas, so I know how painful it is. Our goats were pets and friends too. Never forget the happy memories you have with Artemesia. Hugs!
Comment by Elaine Tue Feb 21 13:40:59 2017
I know sorry will never fill the hole in your heart but I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You lost a family member and it hurts and will for a long time. Hold Aurora tight and remember your Artemesia fondly.
Comment by Pam Kaufman Tue Feb 21 13:58:36 2017
Crying...nothing else for it. :(
Comment by Chris Wed Feb 22 01:27:39 2017

One of the first things I do each morning is read this blog. Thank you for sharing your lives this way. It's been incredibly heartwarming, insightful, thoughtful.

I am truly sorry about your loss. Animals become family; and because of you, your animals have become my family.

I grieve with you. May God provide healing blessings.

Comment by hilary Wed Feb 22 08:16:53 2017
I know with that name she was brave and a fighter as well as beautiful. The blog is so vivid and so honest I feel like I know all of you and understand how much she will be missed no matter how many other goats are in your future. My sympathies!
Comment by Monique Bourque Wed Feb 22 22:34:18 2017
I am so very, very sorry about your loss. Your love for her leaped from the pages. God bless you all.
Comment by MC Wed Mar 1 23:21:49 2017

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