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Power Shot SX20 video sample clip

This is a short video of a new deer deterrent experiment that makes use of a 4 dollar toy.

I glued a small hex key to the wheel which creates a sizeable amount of vibration and motion.

The video was created with the Canon Power Shot SX20 and uploaded to Youtube with no problems.

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Two dogs and 10 cats that hunt (then spread predator pee all around the garden) and an electric fence are my deterrents. With 10 hunters the birds stay away from even the delicious blueberries. Very little deer problem here.
Comment by April Mon Sep 6 18:42:13 2010

I've always wondered if cats have any impact on deer --- do you think deer parse their scent as bite-sized tabby or predatory mountain lion?

Everyone seems to have different levels of deer pressure. Ours is moderately high, and even neighbors who build huge electric fences around their gardens lose veggies to deer. Dogs are ignored, mostly. On the other hand, that also means more free meat for our freezer. :-)

Comment by anna Mon Sep 6 19:19:27 2010
My cats are in the barn near the garden, which they think is a big litter box. Doesn't keep deer away.
Comment by Errol Mon Sep 6 19:24:33 2010
Maybe they're at least protecting your blueberries from birds --- you do seem to get an awesome crop there!
Comment by anna Mon Sep 6 20:00:48 2010

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