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Potted plants thriving in pure compost

Brussels sprouts

How are my transplants doing after being potted up into pure, well-rotted horse manure? They're thriving! There's nothing like plenty of nitrogen and humus to make plants grow, grow, grow.

To my surprise, celery and a pepper bounced back after being moved from the aquaponics setup out into a pot in the wild outdoors. Strawberries are already perking back up from their initial transplant shock. And most of my herbs are also putting out new leaves.

The one exception? A huge clump of thyme that I tried to transplant promptly kicked the bucket. Why is there never enough thyme?

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I think thyme and sage are cat-like, and don't like to be transplanted unless it suits them. Can give you some thyme eventually--but it isn't from Wortroot:)
Comment by adrianne Thu Jul 27 08:26:35 2017
I thought I was the only one complaining about not having enough thyme (time - bad pun, I know.)
Comment by Nayan Thu Jul 27 08:58:18 2017
You crack up up :)
Comment by Kayla Thu Jul 27 09:37:48 2017
I hauled a 4x8 trailer load of well composted horse dung from Wise VA all the way back to Savannah to use in my raised beds- it has worked well thyme after thyme...
Comment by Eric Thu Jul 27 21:28:50 2017

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