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Porcine visitors

Pig in the garden

So far, our garden fence has been doing its job admirably. Sure, birds get in, and I'm pretty sure a squirrel has been invading to gnaw seeds out of my tomatoes. But the deer --- our area's major garden predators --- nibble right up to the fenceline then stop.

Imagine my surprise when I heard a strange, hoarse squealing coming from the direction of my broccoli and zinnias last weekend. I peered out the window...then yelled Mark's name so loud he thought someone was dying.

Small pig

The problem turned out to be an extra-small pig in our garden. I'm guessing it found its way in under the gate.

Luckily, I saw the pig before it could do much damage, and we chased it out to rejoin three other piglets roaming the road. A couple of hours later, a pickup truck cruised by then the livestock were gone. If they'd stayed around much longer, we would have had to beef up the bottom edges of our fence!

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If that pig had stayed around much could have put an apple in his mouth and fired up the barbie! Eat or be eaten? Grins!
Comment by Tim Inman Sat Sep 1 08:30:32 2018
This reminds me of the year that all sorts of farm critters found their way into my yard, including that ready-to-slaughter hog on the run. He was massive and trying to eat the scraps I had threw in the chicken tractor, almost turning it over! He was very scary and very hard to run off. Good thing you had cute little piglets instead :)
Comment by Kayla Sat Sep 1 11:33:27 2018
It's looks like you had best fix the gate because there will be more, when you least expect it!
Comment by wewally Sat Sep 1 12:50:20 2018
Glad that is an escaped domestic pig and you don't have those invasive feral hogs further south!
Comment by Eric Sat Sep 8 09:58:36 2018

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