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Picking green tomatoes

Green tomatoesEven though it didn't frost a week and a half ago, it turns out that harvesting all of the blushing tomatoes was a good move.  Our vines are laden with fruits of all ages, and it seemed like when I picked all of the slightly ripe fruit, the remaining green fruit started ripening faster.

I decided to go ahead and repeat the maneuver this week in hopes of getting even more ripenable fruits off our vines before the frost.  We now have a three story hanging basket completely full of ripening tomatoes and peppers, along with another basket of greener tomatoes and a collander of green peppers.  There are still two weeks' worth of green tomatoes out in the garden, if by chance the frost holds out that long.

Poor Daddy had to put up with peppers in every meal while he was visiting.  Roast peppers, peppers on salad, ratatouille, peppers in fajitas...I suspect he won't be eating another pepper anytime soon.

Our homemade chicken waterer keeps our flock happy and healthy.

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Ha! Had a pepper in my fried rice the other day.
Comment by Errol Sun Oct 17 09:07:32 2010
It just took you a week to get over the glut of peppers I fed you? I'm impressed. :-)
Comment by anna Sun Oct 17 17:49:25 2010

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