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My newest gardening paperback is live!

The Naturally Bug-Free Garden

There's a new book on my shelf...and maybe on yours as well? I braved the flooded creek Tuesday to bring my first copy of The Naturally Bug-Free Garden home, a copy that I ordered from Amazon since the box from my publisher is running late. It was just too hard to wait any longer to hold my second paperback in my hands....


Do you want to jumpstart your 2015 garden with a primer on natural pest-control techniques? If so, you can get order the paperback here:

Or you can join in my launch treasure hunt and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of your very own! Just head to your local library or bookstore and ask if they have The Naturally Bug-Free Garden in stock, snap a photo of my book in the wild, then enter using the widget below. Or, if you've already bought a copy and want to win a copy for a friend, snap a shot of yourself with your new book! I'm letting this giveaway run for a full month so that you'll have time to request your librarian stock a copy for even easier entries. (Yes, strangely, I get even more of a kick out of hearing folks tell me that they checked one of my books out of their local library rather than buying their own copy.) May the hunt begin!

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Wow, your book looks incredible! Congrats! Love the pictures.
Comment by Meg Wed Mar 4 10:11:20 2015
Meg --- Thank you!
Comment by anna Wed Mar 4 12:21:52 2015

Congrats on the new release! wooHOO! It must be pretty darn cool to see a tangible evidence of all that work and study! Looking forward to reading it! Though it's hard to think spring gardening season will EVER come, looking out my window... but it will, and I hope to put to good use some of those natural pest control methods .

Comment by Deb Wed Mar 4 12:47:23 2015
Looks really good! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience! Soon this snow will melt, soon soon...
Comment by Kaat Wed Mar 4 14:00:12 2015
Deb and Kaat --- I appreciate you sharing my enthusiasm. :-) Hopefully you'll both soon see the same signs of spring we're finally starting to enjoy!
Comment by anna Wed Mar 4 19:31:06 2015
This looks REALLY good. Will need to pass along the word. Many of our clients want a natural gardening experience but insects can be a problem.
Comment by Mel Tue Mar 17 13:22:46 2015

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime