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Mom and the beanstalk

Scarlet runner beans on a trellis

Mom was very taken by our scarlet runner beans when she came over. She felt like I hadn't given an accurate picture of their impressive height and spread on the blog...but I'm afraid I've still been unable to capture the full awesomeness of this bean. The photo above shows beans who have only had about two and a half weeks to grow up their trellis. They've been at roof height for half that time!

Developing scarlet runner beans

The plants in the first picture haven't bushed out enough to provide much shade yet, but the ones on last year's trellis on the south side of the trailer are already doing a pretty good job breaking the summer sun. A hummingbird comes to these plants each morning --- a perfect view to eat my breakfast to. And, look, beans already being set to feed us this winter!

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I planted these for the first time this year. They are crawling up the old silo foundation and along the north side of the garden. Even if they didnt produce beans I would plant them because they are so darn pretty.
Comment by Deb Sun Jul 26 21:18:38 2015

I remember seeing your recipe for the dried scarlet runner beans, but have you tried eating them fresh yet?

We planted some scarlet runners this year (based partly on your posts here), side by side with Kentucky Wonder, and the fresh green scarlet runners are orders of magnitude better than the Kentucky Wonder. They're juicy, meaty, and full of flavor. They've definitely earned a full-time spot in our garden, so thanks for the inspiration!

Comment by Jake Wed Oct 7 01:53:59 2015
Jake --- I never did actually try the green beans, although we did eat a few in the lima-bean stage. We're just such fans of Masai green beans it's hard to get us to eat anything else. Maybe next year.... You do make them sound good!
Comment by anna Thu Oct 8 15:32:27 2015

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