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Light sussex final cut

The last 4 chickens of our LIght Susex flock

We ended up keeping a rooster and three hens from the latest batch of Light sussex chickens although one of the hens is most likely an unknown Light sussex hybrid.

The smaller flock seemed a bit lost at first, but are starting to look more like a cohesive group the last few days.
Light Sussex new chicks up close and cute
One of the first pictures I took of this flock was of a group of four freshly hatched chicks. I wonder how many of the original four made it to the final team of future foragers?

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They are pretty looking birds, but ones I no longer keep... I had problems with disease, the heat, and not laying too well. The darker varieties, the speckled is my choice, in my experience do much better..... Through all of them seem to slow down in production with the colder weather.
Comment by Tbird Wed Nov 23 22:14:55 2011
Somehow in the midst of Thanksgiving, I missed your comment... I'm always interested in hearing people's experience with all of these heirloom breeds. We're trying the sussex because someone said they were their best foragers, but the jury's still out. We're hedging our bets with australorps and cuckoo marans. Hopefully by this time next year, we'll know more about which breeds are really the most utilitarian.
Comment by anna Fri Nov 25 10:36:56 2011

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