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Keeping the fat on our goats


I was a bit dubious of our vet's diagnosis that Aurora was merely suffering from internal parasites. After all, would she be fine one day and then nearly comatose the next in that case? But now I'm thinking he was right. Because ever since being flushed out with a vast array of pharmaceuticals, our doeling has been growing faster and plumper every day.

Walking goats

Her mama, on the other hand, is starting to drop below the perfect 3.0 body-condition score. That's perfectly normal with heavy milkers, but I'm still going to try to plump her up with some extracurricular grazing in hopes we can keep her fat enough to Full belly clubmilk through the winter.

It's a long shot for a first freshener to milk through, but it sure would be nice not to have to worry about the hassle of breeding and kidding this fall and next spring. August and early September will be the deciding time because I'd like to breed around Halloween if we're going to have to dry Artemesia off and give her time to recover before turning her back into a milk jug once again.

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can't you just alternate? breed aurora this fall, then get milk as long as you can with artimesia and breed her next year, one family a year, milk most of the time. I really don't know much about this but it seems with two goats and the volume of milk you want you don't need to always get milk from the same goat.
Comment by rebecca Tue Jul 26 12:13:12 2016
Rebecca --- That's definitely a good suggestion for later years. But it would be a bit dicey to breed Aurora this fall. The bare minimum breeding age is 7 months, which would be Thanksgiving (nearing the end of the fall breeding season). But that depends on Aurora's growth rate and I generally opt for being safe rather than sorry. So probably not a viable option until next year.
Comment by anna Sun Jul 31 10:19:10 2016

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