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Journalists tour the farm

The journalists who fell in the alligator swamp a year and a half ago recently posted a video of our farm on youtube.  It makes me a cringe a bit, partly because they got Mark's last name wrong, partly because of all the messy bits I didn't clean up (I didn't think they were coming in the house...), but mostly because it's just painful to listen to myself talk.  What I do find interesting, though, is to see how much the garden has changed in just a few months.  I keep meaning to post a video tour of the farm and not getting around to it, so maybe this will suffice for now.

Edited to add: Mark's name is now right --- thanks, Mimi!

Our chicken waterer was the purpose of the visit --- who can resist clean water?

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You guys made a great presentation and I really enjoyed where you explained the conundrum of how a job can lock you in. It's hard to get people to believe that there is an alternative, especially when you find out for yourself that freedom is actually available.
Comment by Danny Sat Dec 3 10:36:25 2011
Anna you presented yourself very well and the interior shot was such a tight close-up I didn't notice any mess. So cool to hear your voices! I'll say it again: You and Mark are so very inspiring. I wish I'd "met" you when I was much younger, but I learn something every time you publish a new post. Well, except maybe during venison week. (Not a fan of the deer meat around here.) Heh.
Comment by Debbi Sat Dec 3 10:49:09 2011

Danny --- Yes, that does seem to be one the hardest lessons to learn about independence. Unfortunately, most of us would rather be safe now than independent later.

Debbi --- Thanks for saying you didn't notice the mess. :-) And thank you foryour kind words!

Comment by anna Sat Dec 3 11:47:50 2011

I loved this! It's nice to get a chance to hear you guys and take a look around the farm. It looked a lot like my place does now with the untidiness-- a good sign that a lot of work is going on.

I know what you mean about hearing yourself talk. Seth and I were going to do video posts at one point but between the amateur-ish editing and hearing my own voice, I just couldnt do it. Not yet anyway. When I have lots of fabulous things to show off, then maybe. Of course, the way you sound to yourself is never what other people see. I thought you were both great and the journalists did a nice, simple editing job.

Comment by Sara Sun Dec 4 08:42:11 2011
I liked the plug about supporting local people, hardware stores, etc. It was a well done little video, I thought. You guys are the real deal, and that's hard to find these days.
Comment by J Sun Dec 4 10:35:17 2011

Sara --- Thanks so much for your kind words (especially about untidiness. :-) ) For some reason, my voice doesn't bother me as much when I make my own videos, maybe because I can just do another take until I don't sound so awful?

J --- Well, we're not really being selfless. The truth is that buying from the local hardware store is like joining a more down to earth version of the country club --- it gives you a foot in the door with the local community. Spending an extra $50 per month or whatever is totally worth Mark being asked to sit down and chat when he drops by the store! :-)

Comment by anna Sun Dec 4 15:08:34 2011
I happened onto your blog through the Survival Podcast site. FANTASTIC blog you have here. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your efforts and I am looking forward to a lot of good reading here.
Comment by Mo Sun Dec 16 08:59:57 2012

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