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Jack and the beanstalk

Picking beans from a ladderOne day when I was a kid, my parents dragged me along to a garden party.  I was even more antisocial then than I am now, so I disappeared off into the plants for the afternoon.  The garden was a wonder of flowers, fruit, and vegetables, many I'd never seen before.  When no one was looking, I nibbled on the first currant I'd ever tasted.  Somewhere between the broccoli and the strawberries, I imprinted on that garden just like a baby chicken can imprint on its human handlers.

Fast forward a decade or two into the future, and I met the owners of the garden for the first time in my adult life.  The husband had become my co-worker at the nonprofit, and I was awed when I went over to his house and saw the garden which I vividly recalled from childhood.  The wife is the main garden tender, and she soon became my garden guru.

Saturday, we went over to visit them and their garden.  As usual, I was stunned by the results of thirty years of organic soil amendments.  Their corn was literally twice as tall as my corn.  And, as you can see in this photo, they pick their beans with a full size ladder!

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comment 1
Wow, that looks like a beautiful place.
Comment by Fostermamas Mon Jul 27 15:06:35 2009
comment 2
It's stunning. That's what I'm working toward --- I figure maybe I'll get there in 30 years.
Comment by anna Mon Jul 27 17:12:14 2009
Jack N the Beanstalk

Anna Where is this exactly?

Comment by Jayne Tue Jul 28 09:38:11 2009
comment 4
I know it looks fake, but really it's real! This is at a friend of ours' farm about 30 miles down the road.
Comment by anna Tue Jul 28 10:18:52 2009

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime