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It's a boy...and a girl!

Newborn goat kids

Artemesia had a pair of Earth Day twins around lunchtime.

First a girl, then a boy.

Mother and kids are happy and healthy. Details to come.

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Hi Anna and Mark,

Congratulations to you both :).


Comment by John Fri Apr 22 15:19:05 2016
Congratulations!! Much less drama than last time. Good for you.
Comment by tom Fri Apr 22 16:33:21 2016
Congratulations, and what a perfect birthday :)
Comment by Swati Fri Apr 22 19:07:32 2016

Too cute! :)

Can't blame mum for lying down after that effort. Look forward to hearing how they grow up.

If memory serves me correctly, they have the colouration of the dad? Or was he more beige, than fawn?

Comment by Chris Fri Apr 22 19:45:34 2016
Can't wait to see more funny goat pictures!
Comment by marcomjl Fri Apr 22 22:27:32 2016
Comment by Jill Sat Apr 23 00:44:56 2016

They look like quite the pair! Good work Arty. I'm sure you've already got names picked out, but just in case you're still taking suggestions, Biodome characters would fit the Earth Day theme.

For the boy: Bud, Doyle, Faulkner, Romulus... For the girl: Momo, Pork chop, Mimi, Petra, many possibilities!

Sorry--I think I have an unhealthy affinity for that movie. I should probably get that checked out.

Comment by Jake Sat Apr 23 02:33:14 2016

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations!

Chris --- They do look very much like their father and a lot like I expected. Here's my extremely geeky goat-coloration-genetics post in case you want to read more. :-)

Jake --- I've been calling the doeling Aurora since before she was born, and even though she's a little more fawn-colored than I expected I think we'll stick to that. The boy might be meat, or we might be sending him to be the new stud at the agritourism venture we get our straw from. If the latter, we'll start pondering names, although I'm partial to Punkin since the farm is called the Punkin Patch and he's orange. I like your name ideas a lot, though! :-)

Comment by anna Sat Apr 23 10:25:53 2016

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