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Hugelkultur problems

Rosemary mound dug up by LucyThe one problem I've run into with my hugelkultur mounds is rodents.  Moles and/or voles tend to move in, and then Lucy routes them right out...along with two thirds of the mound.  I patted the earth and leaves back around my rosemary plant and will hope it survives Lucy's tough love.

Rather than yelling at Lucy (who had forgotten all about the rosemary incident), I took a deep breath and remembered that she's a perfect dog 95% of the time, which is at least 15% more of the time than I'm good.  If Huckleberry hadn't caught his annual mouse this week, I'd say something snarky about our most spoiled cat here, but the truth is that he's higher in my good graces than Lucy today.


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According to the German wikipedia page about it, you should put a fine metal wire mesh (e.g. ½ inch chicken wire) under your mounds to prevent rodents from moving in.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sat Nov 20 09:10:14 2010
That makes sense. I read a few folks' blogs who garden out in the western U.S. and have to do that as a matter of course to keep gophers from eating their crops from the roots up!
Comment by anna Sat Nov 20 10:04:27 2010
That is a beautiful picture of Huckleberry!
Comment by Maggie Tue Nov 23 07:30:10 2010
Huckleberry totally agrees. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Nov 23 08:20:51 2010

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