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Home made golf cart dump box improvements

how to fabricate a front box for a golf cart

I've often felt like this front area space could be better utilized.

We had our helper Bradley fabricate the above front end box to further increase our hauling capacity.

He's also upgrading the springs to handle more weight and the home made golf cart dump box is getting some improvements. Stay tuned for a complete post on how that operation went.

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love it, that looks so handy. bradley is such a keeper,

Comment by roseanell Sat Jun 23 06:39:21 2012
Rosenell --- We totally agree! You still can't have him. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Jun 23 12:50:19 2012
Now all you need is a trailer.
Comment by Olan Sat Jun 23 21:37:12 2012
Olan --- See this comment. :-)
Comment by anna Sun Jun 24 10:01:58 2012

"We had our helper Bradley..."

sounds snooty to me...

Bradley seems to be doing some great things with/for you...

I would feel better about YOU if you seemed to be honestly appreciating HIM

Comment by J Sun Jun 24 10:40:39 2012
J --- I'm sorry we set off your snooty detectors. I do feel a bit posh hiring Bradley, but not snooty. We definitely appreciate him a lot, and I suspect he knows it (due to all the thank you produce we send home with his checks and the praise we lavish on him). We're a bit vague about him on the blog, but that's to protect his privacy --- he didn't sign on to be blog fodder, and even though he's a good sport about it, we try to keep his information a bit short.
Comment by anna Sun Jun 24 15:26:53 2012

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