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Grumpy goat

Trimming Artemesia

We trim the goat hooves once a month, but let Abigail skip this month due to her being a little grumpy about being wrangled with her extra weight.

Artemesia likes the attention but wiggles a lot. I ended up holding her while Anna finished the last hoof.

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She is just so darn cute. I am considering goats, even though i do not like goat milk or goat cheese ( at least not what I have tasted ) but that cuteness factor is weighing heavily in their favor, especially since there is already a shed and fence ready to go....there is some browse they could clear for me. ( thats my excuse)
Comment by deb Wed Mar 4 23:05:21 2015

Artemesia likes the attention but wiggles a lot.

Sounds rather like kids (the other sort :^).

Comment by irilyth Thu Mar 5 06:13:35 2015

Full moon Schools expectantly on 2 hour delay Coming storm

a kid is born?

my guess is today would be a good kid birthday.

Comment by Maggie Thu Mar 5 06:24:06 2015

deb --- Well, maybe you could raise meat goats and sell them once full sized? Of course, then you couldn't get too attached... On the other hand, you might discover, as I have in the garden, that any pickiness fades away in the face of real food.

Josh --- Yep, I've been pondering why goat and human babies have the same name. Perhaps because they're the most people-like of the animals?

Maggie --- No sign yet, although I slept fitfully, positive that there would be kids when I awoke. Based on the fact that Abigail's ligaments disappeared between morning and 12:30 pm yesterday (and since her vulva started sinking in and her udder filling up at the same time), she really should kid by today at lunchtime. But she's currently happily chewing her cud and acting completely normal, so I'm not so sure....

Comment by anna Thu Mar 5 08:44:05 2015

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