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Gray water cat

gray water cat

These two PVC pipes connect to opposite sides of our double sink. We deleted the drain trap as an experiment to see if I could get an increase in drainage. I was a bit worried about a gray water smell making its way into the kitchen without the trap, but after a year of heavy dish washing I think I can safely report it works just fine without being stinky.

What you don't see here is a large layer of gravel about a foot below the King Stropharia wood chip bed to prevent standing water.

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that are afraid to eat out of our gardens sometimes. Especially when it comes to varieties I haven't grown before. Is that really what I think it is? :D

The worst part is when weeding a garden with only seedlings of things I don't grow much... Is that the expensive seed I put in the ground? Or just a weed? :P

Comment by Shannon Fri Sep 10 13:02:11 2010
Whoops... comment should have been in the other thread.
Comment by Shannon Fri Sep 10 13:16:07 2010
That was my precise problem this year with stone pines. Very slow to germinate, I only bought three seeds, and wild conifer seeds blown into the garden turned into very similar seedlings. I still don't know if that baby pine tree I'm nursing is one I wanted or a weed. Next time, I'll be marking rows much better!
Comment by anna Fri Sep 10 13:29:04 2010
I figured it out. :-)
Comment by anna Fri Sep 10 17:32:06 2010

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