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Gratuitous strawberry photo

Strawberries and sugar snap peas

Yes, this is another gratuitous strawberry photo.  I may have to rename this The Strawberry Blog if I don't pull my attention elsewhere soon.  But aren't three quarts of strawberries at one picking pretty awesome?

In the interest of at least pretending like this post imparts useful information, here's your strawberry tip of the day.  For maximum sweetness, pick fruits before you water and wait at least 24 hours to pick again.  Try to time your harvest to the sun --- bright, hot days churn out sensational berries.

Since I wanted to water the front garden Friday, I picked every berry that was ripe or nearly ripe.  One quart went into our bellies whole for lunch (along with the sugar snap peas shown here); one quart was sliced, lightly sprinkled with sugar, then topped with whipped cream for supper; and the final quart is going to my mother today.  Only mothers are high enough up in our esteem to merit gifts of strawberries --- I don't want you to think we're giving them away because we're sick of them!

Our homemade chicken waterer helps prevent coccidiosis, especially in tender, young chicks.

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sigh. We're two months from strawberries and peas.

I suppose it probably gets tiresome hearing me whine about the short growing season.

Comment by id [] Sun May 30 15:44:20 2010
Two months! Wow, and I thought I had garden envy of the true southern gardeners who are eating tomatoes and beans.
Comment by anna Sun May 30 19:03:45 2010

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