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Golf cart icicle

Icicle on a golf cart
You know you're pushing the golf cart's limits when icicles grow on the underside between trips.

With lows around 10 last night, the hauling opportunity seemed too good to pass up.

A frozen driveway allowed us to bring in a week's worth of firewood, 15 bags of leaves for mulch, some chicken waterer supplies, and a month's worth of chicken feed.

Maybe tomorrow the driveway will stay frozen long enough that we can haul some straw?

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Have you two considered turning in the golf cart for something 4 wheel drive and with a little more power like a Ranger, Mule or the Gator?
Comment by Heath Mon Feb 13 10:40:04 2012

Mark has, and I keep adamantly opposing the option. I've just seen so many areas torn to pieces by ATVs that I knee jerk against them. (Plus, internal combustion engines never work for me, and I love having something that goes when I tell it to.)

Mark may win in the end, though. Especially since I just broke the golf cart this morning after one trip.... :-)

Comment by anna Mon Feb 13 12:02:07 2012
A few weeks with something that has a dumping bed and you'll wonder how you ever got by with out one. Some knuckle heads do use them to tear up and and things that don't belong to them but you'd be hard pressed to find many land owners who tear up their own property with them. I'm still using an old 4 wheeler around here that has a carb and not EFI. The EFI would sure be nice once it gets cold.
Comment by Heath Mon Feb 13 13:47:57 2012

There are 4WD electric golf karts. There are also kits available to do 4WD conversions of standard 2WD golf karts.

Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Feb 13 17:54:47 2012
Heath and Roland --- The golf cart started up again once the outside temperature got above freezing, so I guess Mark's going to have to work harder to talk me out of my little darling.... I'll hang onto your feedback, though, in case he does.
Comment by anna Mon Feb 13 18:36:03 2012

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