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Goats in the snow

Goat browsing

Goats in the snow

Is it cruel and unusual to take your goats out for a walk in the snow? I asked our pampered darlings to give me the lowdown on whether frozen water is as nasty as liquid water and here's what they said:

Abigail: Really? You want me to go out in that. Really?

Artemesia: Sounds like fun! Let's go!

Abigail: Oh, whatever. But you break trail this time.

Goat beggar

On the downside, there's not as much to eat in the snowy woods as usual, so the girls beg a bit more. I swear Artemesia sucks in her stomach and lays her hair completely flat when she wants a clementine peel, making her look about a third as wide as previously.

Goat footing

On the plus side, a few inches of snow actually makes it easier to walk on our steep hillsides. Your foot doesn't slide downhill as easily when it's encased by a boot of snow.

Snowy goats

I guess I can add snow days to the long list of goat-friendly weather. Thanks for deigning to come on a walk with me, girls!

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Hi, Anna and Mark!

I have a few goats. I live in Russia, and goats walking in the snow frequently. Very fond of goats, and nature. I will be reading your blog. Thanks, have a nice day.

Comment by Vlad Sun Jan 24 15:31:58 2016
That Artemesia is such a charmer. I think you may have said, but what is her breeding? She looks too big to be Nigerian Dwarf, but not as big as some of the other milking breeds...
Comment by Deb Sun Jan 24 16:24:10 2016

Vlad --- I guess in Russia, a goat had better not turn up her nose at snow or else! :-)

Deb --- Artemesia is a first generation Mini-Nubian (Nigerian father, Nubian mother)...and a pure delight. I have no clue which part of her ancestry is responsible, but I'm grateful nontheless!

Comment by anna Sun Jan 24 17:09:11 2016
Goats sometimes hard, only one nose sticking out of the snow. We laugh at them, but they do not lose heart. Goats survive in any environment =)
Comment by Vlad Mon Jan 25 01:39:41 2016
It's days like today that I get really jealous of your lifestyle. A walk in the snow with goats seems like an amazing way to spend time.
Comment by Emily Mon Jan 25 09:05:55 2016

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime