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Goats and cats and rain-barrel pipes

Goat eating honeysuckle

We've been writing a lot about dead animals lately, so I figured you might enjoy seeing some live ones. Here's Artemesia eating honeysuckle...just because.

Goat eating mangels

What was Abigail up to when that picture was taken? Straining to get to a pile of discarded mangels that I'd pulled out of the fridge root cellar when she refused to eat even aged, carefully chopped mangels.

"But you hate mangels!"

"Nope, love 'em."

"But these have been frozen and thawed and frozen and thawed so they're half rotten."

"Yup, love 'em."

I really don't understand goats.

Cat inspecting ditch

Well, I guess I do understand goats. If you think of them as vegetarian cats with hooves, everything becomes much clearer.

Speaking of cats, Huckleberry's inspecting my drainage ditch in the photo above. Summer gardening season hit before I finished burying the overflow pipe for our IBC rain barrel, so I'm just now finishing up the project. Good news is --- our tower handled the weight of the heavy rain barrel with no problems and the ground behind the trailer did become significantly drier as a result. Bad news is...well, there isn't really any bad news, except for me being so slow to finish the overflow pipe.

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You could always say you were testing your trench to make sure there was a continuous flow down hill, no ponding :)
Comment by BW Mon Nov 23 17:33:36 2015
Love black cats, I've got two of them, they are literally the kids I never
Comment by Matt Casdorph Tue Nov 24 15:45:56 2015
My friend says mangels get sweeter after freezing and thawing.
Comment by Qian Sat Nov 28 21:30:08 2015

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