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Goat in the manger

Bad goats

"Oh, Abigail, why do you have to be so bad!" I exclaimed when I entered the goat shed Monday morning. I'm used to Artemesia jumping over into the kidding stall and then onto the tarp-covered pile of stored hay therein. But Abigail used to stay put in the main room where both goats belong.
Climbing goat
No longer. Our herd queen bent down the top of our wire manger then figured out how to leap from milking stanchion to a new perch atop the hay. Next, she proceeded to sleep there and poop there, meaning the loose hay was no longer on her goat-approved menu.

In her defense, though, I think Abigail was just trying to force my hand since I'd kept adding new hay on top of old hay that she wasn't entirely keen on. So I cleaned out the whole manger and put a much smaller layer of fresh hay back in. Hopefully that will be enough to make our herd queen obey the rules...although I have no hope that our little leaping charmer will keep her feet planted firmly on the ground.

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Right.... like the Latin "Capricious" doesn't come from the root for "goat"... I like goats, but I won't ever get any more...

Comment by Eric in Japan Fri Feb 5 11:03:57 2016
Eric --- Gee, I have no clue what you're talking about. :-)
Comment by anna Fri Feb 5 17:00:28 2016

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