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Goat hair loss

Goat eating oats

Poor Artie developed a bald spot on one side of her neck a few weeks ago. I assumed she'd just scraped it on something, but the patch got bigger over time and then one popped up on the other side too.

Goat hair loss on neckI'm not 100% certain what's going on, but the internet suggests this may be a normal reaction by some does to the hormone changes associated with drying off. Artemesia has been slowly backing off on letting her daughter nurse for a while and now she's pretty close to dry.

It's also possible the issue could be a mineral deficiency or a parasite infection, though. I figure the latter's pretty unlikely since Artemesia hasn't been scratching the bare spots and I've seen no sign of critters. To rule out the former cause, I'm getting some fresh minerals to go with her kelp just in case our doe is unwilling to eat out of Aurora's former sandbox.

Have any of you had a problem with balding does? What, if anything, did you do to fix the problem?

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buckle on collar pulling hair out?
Comment by ralph Thu Nov 17 07:39:01 2016
ralph --- That's a good hypothesis. But Artemesia actually only wears a collar for half an hour a day when I take her down to dine on oats in the garden. So I'm pretty sure she isn't getting it pulled out in the buckle.
Comment by anna Sat Nov 19 20:48:57 2016

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