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Freezer movement

using green garden wagon to move old refrigerator

Today was the day we finally moved our old freezer into the barn.

The plan is to use it for storing cover crop seeds and chicken feed.

Image credit goes to Kayla.

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seems to me the freezer would trap moisture and would mold the feed or seeds. Here in Northeast PA the temp swings would cause condensation to form inside.
Comment by flyinganvil Fri Sep 27 19:24:27 2013

I use an old broken chest freezer to hold chicken and rabbit feed. I store the unopened sacks in it; when I open them, they go into garbage bins with lids.

Because you're only storing dry goods in it and not opening the chest freezer very often, there's almost no moisture inside it, so you don't get condensation forming on the inside. Also, because of the insulation, the temperature inside stays very stable throughout the day and night, taking away the whole reason condensation forms. In the 3 years I've been using it, I've never seen condensation inside mine.

Because the freezer seals well, it also keeps out rodents and insects that might get into your feed and seeds.

Comment by Darren (Green Change) Mon Oct 21 00:01:18 2013

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