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Flat and stuck

crossing creek to fix flat tire

I had a flat tire yesterday coming back from Kingsport.

Something was stuck and I couldn't pry the wheel free no matter how much I banged with the lug wrench. Luckily I was sort of within walking distance. Even luckier was the Deputy that dropped Anna's jury duty notice off recently saw me walking and stopped to give me a ride home.

Today Anna and I went back and were able to push the wheel off with some help from the spud bar.

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Next time you have a stuck wheel, put the lug nuts back on so they are slightly "loose" but are almost fully finger tight... you want space for the rim to move when it comes free. Lug nuts/bolts back on, put the car back down on the ground, remove your jack and drive forward slowly (5mph). Be careful if the tire is fixable (puncture in tread) as you can damage sidewalls. Usually driving a short distance, especially if you turn the wheel to side-load the rim or drive over a small curb/bump to shock things, will loosen the rim on the hub. If the tire is wrecked, don't worry about getting a little rougher with it to pop it free. It's helped me before to get a rim off, and I've helped a few people with the same thing.
Comment by Doug Tue Sep 30 14:27:48 2014

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